Death’s Dancer

Grace Bloods Book One


An offer she can’t refuse. A temptation he can’t resist.

Dancer Isela Vogel forged a lucrative career bending the power of gods in service of her patrons. Facing an injury that will end it too soon, she agrees to one big job for the payout of a lifetime.
The assignment? Help a necromancer find a killer.
Icy, impenetrable Azrael can make the dead walk, but the spirited dancer’s refusal to bend to his will sparks his interest in more than her choreography.
But what should have been an easy paycheck puts Isela in the crosshairs. Now she must rely on her training and discipline to stay alive… and resist the lure of her captivating new patron. Because behind Azrael’s controlled exterior is a fire, and fire irrevocably transforms what it does not destroy.
Journey to the magical streets of Prague with the first book in the new Grace Bloods series. It’s a sexy supernatural thriller that will delight fans of romantic fantasy.


 Praise for Death’s Dancer:

“DEATH’S DANCER weaves suspense and romance into a story as smart as it is sensual. Godsdancer Isela Vogel is anything but stereotypical, and like the gods she dances for, those who move around her are rarely ordinary. When Isela is drawn into the circle of a powerful necromancer, author Jasmine Silvera deftly choreographs the action using lush depictions of Prague’s storied scenery and deliciously dark humor. A thrilling debut.” Camille Griep, Author, Letters to Zell & New Charity Blues

“Sparks fly when a mighty sorcerer recruits a dancer to help unravel a supernatural mystery…A spirited, sexy paranormal romance.”  Kirkus Reviews

Release date: December 27, 2016

318 pages

ISBN: 0997658200


Dancer’s Flame

Grace Bloods Book Two


They won the battle and started a war. 

With the help of a god, Azrael and Isela exposed a conspiracy and altered the world’s balance of power. But victory brings dangerous new abilities that cost Isela the life she’s built and unleash a monster in Azrael. When an impossible creature brings a dire warning, the search for answers divides them. Now, Isela must bond with the power within her, while Azrael fights to keep from tearing himself apart. Time is running out: the gods don’t forget or forgive, especially a betrayal from one of their own. 

Dancer’s Flame is a romantic fantasy for adult readers and the second book in the Grace Bloods series.

Release date: April 2018

324 pages

ISBN: 9780997658217



Sword Dance

Grace Bloods Book Three

The Black Blade of Azrael has met his match. 
He’s Azrael’s right-hand man – or is that his left?
After all, Gregor’s spent 300 years earning the nickname “Prince of Darkness.” Sinister and almost-immortal: there are few things, living or dead, who would dare get in his way. But one woman isn’t the least bit concerned about staying on his good side, and keeping up with her might be more than he bargained for.

Release date: Winter 2018

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